Where should I put biodegradable wipes?

Most people use wet wipes to clean worktops, children, their faces, and some minor things that need cleaning at some point in their lives. 

After all, they are small wet tissues; what harm can they bring? 

Today, unlike so many other throwaway items we use every day, more people realize biodegradable wipes are harmful to nature. 

In contrast to tissue paper and ordinary paper, biodegradable wipes contain plastic. 

It is indisputable that more people rely on wipes. 

However, the rising plights of environmental conservatives are gaining traction. 

The question that keeps popping on everyone’s head is, “can I put biodegradable wipes in compost?” 

Whether you wipe off sticky fingers after a meal or clean up industrial spills, biodegradable wipes should never be disposed of in compost. 

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