When should I use adult wipes vs. baby wipes vs. wet wipes?

There are so many wipes out there, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Many new caregivers start out using baby wipes but quickly realize there are better options available. That’s because baby wipes are small, specifically formulated for infant skin, and tear easily.

Adult wipes are larger, stronger, and formulated to prevent irritation. They’re soft, cleansing, and ideal for diaper changes. Plus, they contain moisturizing ingredients like aloe or lotion to protect your loved one’s skin.

Wet wipes are similar in size to adult wipes, but they rarely contain moisturizing ingredients. If you or your loved one need to wash your hands, wet wipes are an acceptable alternative to soap and water. Avoid using wet wipes on sensitive areas of the body like the anus or perineum, as they can irritate the skin. Wipes that are intended for the perineum will always be marketed as such.

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