What is the difference between baby wipes and wet wipes

Wet wipes and baby wipes seem pretty similar, right? They’re both single-use wipes, designed to clean in a pinch. Although that’s true, there are pretty big distinctions between baby wipes and wet wipes. So, what is the difference between baby wipes and wet wipes?


A major difference between baby wipes and wet wipes is intent. Baby wipes are intended for parents to clean their children, whereas wet wipes are intended more for cleaning objects. Because of this, they’re not always interchangeable. While you could use baby wipes to clean up a spill, you shouldn’t use wet wipes on your baby. The intention behind wet wipes isn’t to be gentle and safe for your baby’s skin. This alone should deter parents from using wet wipes to clean their children.


Although wet wipes and baby wipes are very different, there are instances where you can use one in the place of another. If you’re in a pinch, you can use baby wipes instead of wet wipes to clean off a surface. However, it may not be as effective.

Sure, you can use baby wipes in the place of wet wipes. However, baby wipes aren’t formulated to have antibacterial properties. If you’re wiping down a surface in an effort to reduce germs, doing so with baby wipes instead of wet wipes won’t do the trick.

That being said, baby wipes can absorb liquids and spills as effectively as wet wipes. They just won’t disinfect or properly clean an area as well as wet wipes can because they aren’t designed to.

Don’t rely on baby wipes during cold or flu season to protect your family from germs. However, if you need to quickly clean up a sticky mess, you can reach for the baby wipes in your diaper bag.


Parents should be cautious of using wet wipes instead of baby wipes. The former is often designed to work more like a household cleanser than a wipe for personal hygiene. A baby’s skin is delicate and could negatively react to the chemicals in wet wipes.

Baby wipes should be the opposite of wet wipes. Instead of having harsh chemicals and alcohol, baby wipes should contain moisturizing ingredients that hydrate your baby’s skin. There may be some more mild wet wipes that claim to be safe for parents to use on their children, but it’s best to err on the side of caution and only use products designed for babies.


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