How to Use Wet Mopping Cloths With Mop Tools

For hardwood floors, you can try the wet mopping cloth. Designed for these kinds of floors, this product also has a disposable cloth cover, but the base has a nozzle that sprays out a cleaning solution. The new series can sweep and mop using 3D fiber cloths and wet mopping cloths.

Of course, other companies make similar mops. Today explains that you can use mops to clean floors of dust and soak up liquids. Dry mopping involves picking up loose and dry dirt, like food debris and soil, from floor surfaces. Dry mops usually have microfiber, yarn or wet mopping cloth heads that collect and trap the dirt. These are attached to a handle, and as you move them across the floor, they pick up the particles. Their heads may detach for cleaning or have disposable pads that can be thrown out and replaced when dirty.

Wet mopping cloth clean floors with damp mop heads. You have to dunk the mop in a cleaning solution (like dish soap and water) and then wring it out. With wet mopping cloth, you have to keep a bucket nearby and change the dirty water; otherwise, you can make the floor even dirtier than it was in the first place.

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