Antibacterial Hand Wipes or Hand Sanitizer: Which Is More Effective When Hand Washing Isn't an Option?

What makes hand wipes effective?

Much like liquid, gel, and foam sanitizers, Bardack says that it's imperative you use hand wipes with alcohol listed as the active ingredient. "Alcohol-based hand wipes work by destabilizing the cells of viruses and bacteria, thereby destroying them and making them inactive," she explains. "The percentage of alcohol must be greater than 60 percent and should be in the form of ethanol or propanol (isopropyl alcohol) for it to be effective."

When is the best time to use hand wipes?

According to Bardack, hand sanitizing wipes are often more convenient to carry, and less messy, than their liquid counterparts. "Gels run the risk of spilling out of their containers and leaking in bags or onto clothing," she explains. And thanks to their slightly abrasive construction, she says that wipes can be used to remove visible dirt from hands. "This makes them more effective than gels for mildly soiled hands," she adds.

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