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About us

About us

Hangzhou Linan Poem Clean Day Co.,Ltd. is located in Linlong Industrial Park , Hangzhou. The surrounding area has forest-clad mountains and pleasant scenery. Hangzhou is the capital city of Zhejiang province in the east of China. It is near Shanghai and Nanjing.

Poem Clean relies on the support of the non-woven fabrics industry base in Zhejiang, specialized in the production, processing and marketing of wet and dry cleaning wipes.

We can provide you with different kinds of cleaning wipes,such as baby wipes, personal care wipes, car wipes, household wipes, pet wipes, restaurant wipes, BBQ wipes, medical wipes, industrial wipes, bathroom wipes, etc. We have produced more than 500 OEM private labels for customers.




We have world class manufacturing facilities. Our sales team know your local market.Our products is made from the raw material non-woven fabrics to the finished cleaning wipes by ourselves. Makes cleaning easy!

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Our wipes private label service will meet your needs for competitive China-made products. The professional grade wipes are available for foodservice, hospitality, healthcare, janitorial and sanitation markets. We are committed to help customers to make high quality products.

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Sample is for free.
If you are interested in sample, pls kindly tell us the items, detailed address, post code, phone and contact person, we will send out ASAP.

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